Deals on Virginia History Experiences

Genealogy isn’t my only passion.  I also love finding a good deal.  And since I suggested recently that we all take the time to learn about how our ancestors lived, I thought it would be appropriate to pass along a couple of “deals” that caught my eye this weekend.

Segway of Richmond Historic Tour

Segway of Richmond Historic Tour

  • First is a Segway of Richmond deal.  Here’s what they have to say about the tour: “Segway tours glide through River District, Shockoe Bottom, and retrace Lincoln’s visit to Richmond nine days before his death.”
  • Preservation Virginia is offering a bargain on admission to one of the following historic locations: the John Marshall House, Patrick Henry’s Scotchtown, Smith’s Fort Plantation, or Bacon’s Castle.
  • There is also a deal on tickets for a tour of James Madison’s Montpelier, including a tour of the presidential home and admission to the 2650-acre garden.
  • The Valentine Museum, located in downtown Richmond, has a vast collection including 1.7 million household artifacts preserving the 400-year history of the region.  Groupon is offering discounts on admission and individual and family memberships.
  • The Virginia Center for Architecture has reduced-price membership as well as tours of the Branch house, which is a Tudor-Revival home designed by renowned architect John Russell Pope.  The home is located in the Monument Avenue Historic District of Richmond.

Of course, there are plenty of other inexpensive options for visiting historic sites And price isn’t everything.  If price does matter to you and you find a bargain, take advantage of it!  Also, seek out deals for out of town locations that you know you’ll be traveling to in the near future.  Get out there and enrich your genealogy research!

In coming weeks, I plan to post some ideas for other locations in Virginia that are low in cost and still able to offer a rich learning experience.  Let me know if you have an suggestions for my list!

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4 Responses to Deals on Virginia History Experiences

  1. joe thomas says:

    John. Tyler house. Berkeley plantation (sight of the first official thanksgiving). Both in Charles city..

  2. NikiMarie says:

    This is excellently timed with the National Genealogical Society conference happening in Richmond! Thanks 🙂

    • Yes, I’m in Richmond and plan on attending the conference. I hadn’t considered that this could be helpful to out-of-towners. I think I’ll update the post (later) to reflect that. Thanks for sharing that connection!

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